Thursday, 15 September 2011

Looking out my window

Today I was enjoying a lovely toasted bagel filled with scrambled eggs while looking out my front window and lo and behold what did I see!
A well suited and booted gentleman scrutinising my car which was parked in its regular spot minding it's own business. He then proceeded to take a camera from his pocket and take pictures of the licence plate and front window. While nearly choking on my bagel, I swiftly moved to the front door and called out to him, letting him know that that was my car that he was inspecting. I should have asked him if he wanted to buy it but did not at the time. He then explained that he was making plans to have it towed away as he thought it had been dumped. Well my word!! After explaining to him that it was registered off road legally and properly with loving care and all the correct attention to detail, he made notes and left my loyal car alone to rest in the car park.
What an absolute cheek. I have never been so pleased to have been looking out my window today and the bagel tasted even better than ever. I wonder what I might see looking out my window tomorrow...